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U.S. History/TIC-TAC-TOE Project  

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Your Assignment


Directions: You must complete three projects out of the following list, if you do a 4th it will count as extra credit.  Each of you will present these to the class starting on May 21st. This project will count as a SUMMATIVE grade. You can NOT do 3 of the same thing (ex: 3 posters- all your projects must be different)

The projects can be on ONE of the following topics: (all three activities must cover the same topic)

  • WWI (Causes of the war, American involvement, the home front, Trench Warfare, New Technology)
  • Roaring 20’s (The Republican Presidents, Prohibition, Organized Crime & Gangsters, Scopes Monkey Trial, Harlem Renaissance, Women’s Rights, Youth and Lost Generation)
  • Great Depression (The causes, stock market, over speculation, bank failures, Dust Bowl, the impact, Hoovervilles)
  • The New Deal (Franklin D. Roosevelt, Relief, Recovery, Reform, Programs, Critics of the New Deal)
  • WWII (Dictators, America Neutrality, Propaganda, Pearl Harbor, D-day, European Theater, Pacific Theater, Tuskegee Airmen, Code talkers, Japanese Internment camps, U.S. Home front, etc.)
  • Cold War (Roots of the Cold War, Arms Race, Communism, McCarthyism, HUAC, Berlin Airlift, Berlin Wall, Cuban Missile Crisis, Easing tension of the Cold War, Collapse of the Soviet Union. End of the Cold War)
  • Civil Rights (MLK, Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, Montgomery Bus Boycott, March on Washington, Little Rock, Sit-ins, Freedom Summer, Freedom Rides, Women’s Liberation Movement, American Indian Movement, Hispanic American Movement, Disabled Americans Rights, Gay Rights (1960-80’s))
  • Vietnam War (War policies of Kennedy, Johnson, & Nixon, Domino Theory, Gulf of Tonkin, Escalation, The Draft, 26th Amendment, Tet Offensive, Fall of Saigon)
  • The Presidents: JFK to Obama (Elections, Domestic Policy, Foreign Policy, Achievements, Challenges)

*** Any other topic we have covered - AS LONG AS YOU GET PERMISSION FROM YOUR TEACHER FIRST.


Create a Newspaper Article about a major event that occurred during your topics time period

·         Headline

·         Two pictures

·         One full page describing the event as if it just happened (present tense)

Make a skit

·         Credit will be given for up to three students

·         Must last at least 3 minutes

·         Can be a recreation of a major event, Must contain at least 10 facts on the topic. 

(automatic extra credit if you choose this option)


MVP (Most Valuable Player)

·         Choose a significant person in your time period

·         Create a two page biography of this person.

·         12 point font, double spaced, regular margins

·         Include: picture, early life, career, contributions, & any other interesting facts

·         Must cite at least two sources NOT WIKIPEDIA!!!! 


Create a Video to reenact an important event in your chosen time period

·         Credit will be given for up to three students (all must appear on camera).

·         3-5 minutes, Humor is allowed but the video should be historically accurate.  

(automatic extra credit if you choose this option)

 Create an annotative timeline explaining your event

·         Timeline must have at least 10 events, with an accompanying picture.

·         Each event must have an explanation as to why it was important to the time period.

Write/Perform a rap or song that discusses one of the above topics

·         Four verses(four lines each)

·         A chorus (four lines)

·         A beat or rhythm

(automatic extra credit if you choose to perform it)


Write a two page paper over your topic.

·         Should be an overview of the entire topic: people, events, changes, etc.

·         12 point font, double spaced, regular margins

·         Must have at least two sources. NOT WIKIPEDIA!!!!  

Create diary entries from the perspective of someone living in the time period

·         Must contain at least 7- 10 entries, one paragraph (5-7 sentences each)

·         Entries should span the time period from beginning to end. Space them out to include major events!   


Make a poster about a specific event from your chosen topic.

·         Must have at least 10 pictures

·         Must have at least 1-2 facts per photo, to explain the significance

·         Turned in on full sized poster board, neatness counts!  

  • Projects are due May 21st. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!
  • Each work day you will need to fill out a paper explaining what you did that day and what still needs to be completed so that you can be on track for your presentation.
  • Points will be taken off if you DO NOT present during class on May 21st/May 22nd.

 You can also download the project.  See below.


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